Part of the reason I started this blog is so I could write about things that I don’t feel comfortable sharing on Facebook. That is why I go by the alias Dark Enabler. If I didn’t have certain people on Facebook this weekend’s status would be something like this…

“I’m sorry that your husband threatened you and everything but I would appreciate a call before you show up to spend the night.”

This weekend my mother took in a manipulative, conniving, drama queen because she felt she had no other choice. My mother would take in Hitler if he looked pitiful enough and I’m tired of people taking advantage of her. Chances are her husband didn’t really threaten her.



Just the other day I started writing a review of Chronicle. I had trouble fleshing it out so I gave up for the time being. I thought I saved it as a draft but it’s nowhere to be found.

So, for a switch I’d like YOU to tell ME what you think of the movie. Or you can share with me what you are think of ANY movie that you have on you’re mind especially if it’s a dark subject matter. That’s what I’m here to discuss.



This is the most interesting movie I’ve seen in a while. It’s not exactly dark but it’s certainly out there. It starts with a WTF moment as a young boy and his parents travel in a small plane and are suddenly knock out of the sky by another plane that comes at them with no explanation.

After that it shifts into one of those more hip plots that make you wish your life was more interesting and sexy in your twenties. College age kids broad a small plane and the typical story¬†unfolds. There is always a shy guy, a couple of hott chicks, and a jerk in the mix. But there’s a twist. As soon as you think you know where it’s going something happens and realize you’re no longer watching the movie you thought you were watching. I’ll admit some of it is far fetched but that can be good if done tastefully. Altitude is more of a fantasy than a drama but it does have it’s emotional moments. Watch if if you are in the mood for something rather fanciful and different. Then, tell me what you think.


The Fly 1986

Be afraid, be very afraid is Geena Davis’ well known line from the movie and perhaps a message to the audience. This is one of the most disturbing films most people will ever see.

Jeff Goldblum plays the passionate and rather hasty scientist who experiments with what Star Trek has always taken for granted, the teleportation device. When he is barely certain that the device can transport living matter he decides to test the device on himself. His ambition to prove himself to the scientific community, and his girlfriend, manifests his downfall.

Perhaps he could have learned from Proverbs 19:2. Or maybe men shouldn’t do stupid things to impress their girlfriends.


requiem for a dream

requiem_for_a_dream_0The other night I watched this movie for what was probably the fourth time. Out of curiosity I looked up the novel through my Kindle app and downloaded the free sample. In the introduction the author explains that the dream whose dirge he was playing was that of the American dream. The way he sees it the character of the story pursued the aforementioned dream each in their own way and paid for it by becoming addicts.

This movie has been out for fourteen years but if you haven’t already watched it please do so soon. Just don’t expect a happy ending. It is a good message to the first world about the hazards of materialism.


dark enabler is here to help you

Hi! I am Dark Enabler and I am here to take you into the darker realms of reality. My plan is to write blogs here that start with an inspiration I get from viewing a film or piece of music that touches me and begin a discussion about the darker subject that it leads to.

By darker I do not necessarily mean depressing. To me darker can just mean serious or sobering. Well here’s to new beginnings and I plan to be back and write a substantive blog soon.

Thank you for reading.